As the title suggests, I am starting my personal review of any new animes that I have the chance to watch starting from today. Why am I doing this? It is because of the fact that there are many worthwhile animes out there for any anime fans or diehards, but they are not getting enough attention and interest because of the unconventional theme or way the story is told. So, my motive is to promote the anime to more people, as I hope that it will bring joy to them as it has brought to me.

To be honest, I am a very picky anime watcher. But when I have a click with an anime, you can probably bet that it is good and meticulously made. Please be noted that the reviews are strictly self-opinionated and rarely are they unbiased. If I manage to enjoy an anime, it means that some people would enjoy it like me, but it does not mean that the anime will satisfy everyone.

My Method Of Review (Meow): Each review of an anime that I write will be based on:

  • The anime’s characteristics (or genres). For example, shounen factor 5/10 or comedy factor 8/10
  • Character development (the higher the better)
  • Drawing style (the higher the better)
  • Cliche (the higher the worse)
  • Story progression. Note that this does not include the abrupt stops of many anime series where they don’t make the next season(s)

And for each of the factors, there will be a short explanation of why I think it deserves that score.

The following always-updated list will be the ones that I will have a review on.

May 2017:

  1. Royal Tutor (Oushitsu Kyoushi)
  2. Kuzu no Honkai (May 16, ’17)

June 2017:

  1. Tsuki ga Kirei (June 11, ’17)
  2. High School Fleet (June 22, ‘17)

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