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Kuzu no Honkai


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Courtesy of Kuzu no Honkai's creators et al., episode 007 @ 00:17:48


Kuzu no Honkai, transliterated to “Scum’s Wish”, by Yorimen, is a romantic anime adaptation from the manga bearing the same name that has a major difference from other animes of the same type. The main difference is that it features adult scenes such as bed scenes and having sex scenes. And its main point of attraction is the psychological representations of the characters and the story progression. It is a departure from the conventional animes, as it mainly explores the lust and dark side of human’s psychology to the extent of actually showing the characters’ desires and behaviors during said scenes. But, do not be alarmed by the nature of these scenes. Rather than being just redundancy and fanservice, these adult scenes are carefully choreographed with specific character development intention in mind. Briefly, that is why I regard Kuzu no Honkai as one of the masterpieces of romantic animes.

Brief synopsis:

Kuzu no Honkai tells the story of a male and female high school students namely, Mugi and Hanabi, who are secretly in love with their sensei’s namely, Akane and Kanai. However, their love is unrequited and they found themselves to be the substitution of the one they love.

Factor scores:

Story Development 9/10
Yorimen-sensei excels at ripping the heart out of the audience and trampling on them just like how the characters in Kuzu no Honkai trample on each other’s feelings. Needless to say, the anime progresses at a decent pace which makes it easy for the audience to grasp the story and how it unfolds. The excellent part in how the story progresses is that no matter how I try, I just cannot predict the plot. I guess that is what makes these romantic animes the pinnacle of tear-jerking experience, ninja cutting onions, that is. The surprising turn-out of events that I would never be able to imagine leaves me on the edge of my chair, watching closely to see the endgame.

Character Development 10/10
Yorimen’s character development is just as masterful as his story development. In Kuzu no Honkai, I am guided to explore different traits of these characters. I travel to their dark pasts and the moments that they all want to cherish. The in-depth discovery of the characters increases my emotional attachment for each of the characters (except for Akane-sensei, because she is a psychopath) to the point that when they get hurt emotionally, I find myself able to sympathize with them. Speaking of Akane, even though I hate the character to my guts, I just have to admit that she is absolutely a well-developed (in many ways) character who is able to make me screaming dehumanizing words at max volume at. It is rare to see how amazing these characters are developed. Watching the anime and you can see that they are humans possessing those dark feelings and lusts just like the rest of the world’s population. I am truly amazed by the legendary amounts of thoughts poured into creating these characters.

Arts 10/10
The subject of sex and humanly lust are rarely portrayed in these big animes. What do I mean by that, you might ask, aren’t there those ecchi and harem animes? True. There are a plethora of ecchi and harem animes that centralize their content on said subject. However, watch one of those and we can see that the situations the characters are put in are very light-hearted and playful. As for クズの本懐, the scenes are mature and intended to tell a story, to discover more of the characters’ feelings and dark human love psychology as a whole. Maybe that is one of the reasons why Crunchyroll has High School DxD but not Kuzu no Honkai. Aside from the scenes, the art style as a whole has achieved many of my standards: proportional character builds (no overly-exaggerated boobs, eyes, etc.), smooth drawing with no outlines, and not so much human-like that robs away its anime feel.

Romantic factor 8/10
It is not completely romantic but it has a more psychological and moral-oriented theme in general. I have nothing else to say in this genre-specific category as the anime is self-explanatory. It has 12 episodes of pure love discovery. It took me more than 4 months to have the courage to finish the anime, you can bet it is good.

Songs 10/10
Probably the most amazing factor of the anime as a whole. The songs are meticulously selected as they truly bring about the feel of the anime. The opening song sets an energetic start for each episode. The ending song is able to bring every conundrum during each episode and compact them into a huge punch straight through the kokoro of the audience. I cry not during the anime but during the ending credit, as it somehow brings about a nostalgic, longing and regretful feeling about what happened in my life 4, 5 years ago. Heikousen, translated to parallel lines, is a perfect representation of the story, as our Mugi and Hanabi are not able to crossway on their own roads of love after all.
Opening theme: Uso no Hibana by 96neko
Ending theme: Heikousen by Sayuri


I wholeheartedly recommend this anime for any adolescence who has gone through something relatable to the topic of unrequited love or a regretful mistake made on the road of destiny. For the rest of the sound population, you are in for a ride of your life, discovering dark human emotions that trigger Sigmund Freud himself. In all aspects, the anime/manga is the best, if not the masterpiece, of the romantic/psychological genre.

Review courtesy of NGUYEN, Hoang Anh (QC, Canada)

There are no legitimate links to watch. Crunchyroll does not have it.

I may sound like a hypocrite but for the sake of good animes like this, link to buy the disc: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/ANZX-12421

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3 thoughts on “Kuzu no Honkai Review”

  1. I honestly expected more from this anime, and I wasn’t really bought into the whole psychological angle of it. It doesn’t feel that strong of a theme, but it is there.
    I do agree with the art. I love the animation and the flow of the episodes.

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