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Courtesy of Tsukigakirei's creators et al., episode 005 @ 00:19:27


Tsukigakirei, The moon is (so) beautiful/Isn’t the moon beautiful? in English, (As the moon, so beautiful – Crunchyroll/myanimelist) first stroke me as an average anime with an average art style that is close to the real human proportion with realistic coloring. And with all the lively colored animes out there, featuring all sorts of imaginative magical powers out there, Tsukigakirei was not able to pique my interest. That initial impression comes collapsing down after I try watching it for the first time. Tsukigakirei, produced by Feel, is a nichijou (slice of life/everyday life) romantic anime that might not have the flashy look but it is jam-packed with (bitter)sweetness and the reminiscence of the middle/high school life.

I will do my best to stay away from spoiling the anime. But every now and then, it might get out of my hand as I need to use some plot points to elaborate my arguments.

Brief synopsis:

Tsukigakirei revolves around the relationship progression of our two main characters, Akane and Kotarou, from when they first met to the time where they start dating each other. But with the pressure from the entrance exams and cramming approaching, we all hope their relationship will eventually flourish at the end.

The anime, as of this article, is currently airing its 9th episode.

Factor scores:

Story Development 10/10

Without the flashy artworks and down-to-Earth drawing style, Tsukigakirei’s greatest asset is the story progression itself. With the story as its main focus, Tsukigakirei steals and stabs mercilessly the hearts of young adults and teenagers who might just have their break-ups and brings about the utter nostalgic feelings to all of us viewers. Chronologically, the storyline progresses very similarly to what and how we would experience in real life, which is its main catch. Similar, but not without twists and turns that keep viewers on the edge of their seats, cringing and grinding their teeth, praying that the characters will eventually go out with one another. That being said, my perfect score has solid grounds to stand on. For someone who has had enough of shounen and all of those fighting, undies-flashing animes, Tsukigakirei digs deep down to the philosophical values and presents to him/her a side track of genuine human emotions.

Character Development 8/10

With a great storyboard comes a good character development. I guess what you are thinking right now is why the 0.8 score? For me, the storyboard is full of fruits and enjoyment but the character development and background are not quite on par. I always feel like there is something missing every now and then but quite hard to describe. Maybe the rather slight off-target emotions that the characters show compared to real life? However, overall, the character feelings and emotions are quite the complimentary to the anime. Why is that? Because there are no stereotypical character types, you know, I am talking the “dere” stuff. And they express the most realistic teenage angst and insecurity and lovey-dovey. From a psychological standpoint, the anime features logical reactions such as the embarrassment of confessing to the reluctant but inertly longing for a physical connection between Akane and Kotarou.

Arts 8/10

The art could have been done better. But it is completely fine as it is now. When you think about it, it is totally logical as the creators want us, viewers, to focus solely on the amazingly realistic and tear jerking story development, the cute and most relatable characters. For a down-to-Earth anime, you get a down-to-Earth drawing style without the voluptuously exaggerated boobies and the male character’s obscene inner thoughts about the female counterpart. Everything drawn and animated are simple yet intricate on the standpoint of emotional expressions. However, the creators are still able to maintain the anime feel of the artstyle.

Romantic factor 10/10

Doesn’t it just directly bring you right back to your sweet, rose-colored time? The characters show reciprocal, mutual feelings for each other, it’s the best. Enough with the harem, ecchi. To anyone who wants to find romantic animes to watch, Tsukigakirei is a must. Warning: Not recommended for broken hearts.


The romance is strong with Tsukigakirei since it drags me like a rag tied to the tail of a light-speed rollercoaster. Straight into the kokoro. Would I recommend it? Of course, yes, it makes my list for a reason. Now, I’m not saying it is the best in general but for me, it’s the best romantic anime up till now. Rediscover your seishun (youth) through this unique anime, people.

Review courtesy of NGUYEN, Hoang Anh (QC, Canada)

Watch link: http://www.crunchyroll.com/tsukigakirei

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