20 spontaneous facts about me

  • My name is: [Confidential]
  • Preferred to be called: Teddy (Fugu)
  • Born in: ’99 – Best of both worlds – Have the honor to live across 2 millennia.
  • A resident of HCMC, Viet Nam
  • Love to tinker with everything I find weird or out of place or cutting edge stuff
  • Like most male teenagers, I have befriended with games, offline and online.
  • Love to write reviews on any new tech stuff that I can get my hands on.
  • Eagerly yearn to socialize with people. I am quite picky, though (LOL).
  • Hate insects with a burning passion
  • Love cats (dogs can come in 2nd place) with a burning passion
  • Love photography
  • A fan of Anime / Manga
  • Quitted watching TV. Play games and watch YouTube in its stead.
  • The only reason to watch TV is when NCIS, Blue Bloods or CSI franchise shows up.
  • Want to be an ethical hacker.
  • Food: spaghetti, steak (medium rare), ribs, pizza, etc. or any typically good food would do.
  • Languages: Vietnamese (of course, lel), English (main secondary), German and Japanese (learning), Spanish (would like to learn).
  • Cannot stand the heat of the summer as well as any hot days.
  • Can be quite moody sometimes but still reasonable and non-chalant.

Ownership of this blog: Hoang Anh


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