The Vibe from Bright to Dark

It is incredible how the world revolves so rapidly and we move on ever so quickly.

I have always been pondering that what the world would be like if we can observe it as in a slowed-down sand hourglass, then can we see the minuscule spectacles of glimmeringly golden dots dropping from the upper to the lower half. To slow down time is a taboo concept itself, as it is an opposition to the natural law of Physics. But yet, time is such a coveted human perception that we cannot help but to imagine in our own hypothetic universe time is slowed.

Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why.

– Kurt Vonnegut

The age-old question – how can we slow down or even stop time? – is a scientific ‘no’, but no one can stop us from dreaming of the utopia where time is controllable and manageable. Sitting on a terrace looking down on the scattered pedestrians strolling along the warm streets, I felt like there was a chronosphere being laid around the terrace, the streets and my companion. The chronosphere had a Grand Effect that made time change from a fast-moving current, there to wash away all the precious, to a slow waltz that embraced that very moment and that two individuals inside the sphere. As I was taking sips at the mango-flavoured tea, the water condensation, stopped by the Grand Effect, on the outside surface of the glass refracted sunlights and thus created a tiny lighting effect for the waltz. Harmoniously mingled together, the dance, the lights, the melancholic taste of the highly concentrated chocolate, and the scent of the parfumer backed each other up, forming and organizing a pseudo-luxurious ball party that was no less elegant and passionate than a real one. It was true, we were trapped in the amber of moment where the main palette was the color of yellow and gold complete with different intensities.

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The cloud rolled over the skies like sheeps being herded hurriedly by the shepherd – the wind. Inside the sphere, time bore no existence. The conversation between us never died out. The silences were not pauses or a disruptive stop. On the other hand, we simply let our hearts and souls interact with one another by eliminating the physical audio that may sometimes came by as incomprehensible for each person. Laying our heads to stack, looking above at the promising and hopeful blueish aspherical dome, we realized the clouds served only to add to the changes of scenery for us, as the time had been stopped by us.

For as so long as we could remember, there had been music playing in the background. For as long as we could remember, the lights on the tallest structure in town had been turned on. For as long as we could remember, we had been dancing on and on to the slow waltz, under the glistening lightshow, to the audible urban harmony afar from the distance. The whole world seems to stop, now not only in the chronosphere but beyond it. Far from the yonder, on the streets, people can barely make out the two on the terrace, but it clearly seemed to them that they were having the time of their lives. Then the rain came just around the corner. The people scurried away as though trying to dodge and find cover from the hydraulic machine gun bullets from above. But inside the sphere, the two were still happily enjoying their bitter chocolate in compliment with their sweet fruit-flavored tea. They surely did have the world of their own.

Time is infallible and undeniably legitimate. But still, time is just a concept that the humans came up with to measure the indefinite length of the universal continuum. If time is just a human product that is widely accepted as bona fide, then humans can, too, alter it to their likings. In the end, all we need is a same mindset, resonating thoughts. And together, we can stop time.

Completed on Sun, Aug 14th, 2016 @ 11:30Am.

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