I have always wanted to write. The reasons being from my love for expression of words to how words are such beautiful creations. To me, writing differs from speaking (or talking). Since I was little, I have had trouble with talking, or you could say conversing what is on my mind to people around me. Thus, I feel being left out of the conversation most of the time. ( ¯\_O.o_|‾ )

Writing is different. It serves many purposes to me. One being that I could take my time to think before conveying an idea or an opinion. Two being the ability to deepen my thoughts through the colors of words. Three, it is really fun and satisfying.

That is why I started this blog. I can write what I want about anything around that seems interesting enough to me. I will also keep things as simple and close as possible. So, let the spontaneity begin!

A little footnote: My blog language may unintentionally or intentionally contain coarse words, words that have insulting manners, explicit words, words you probably find offensive for whatsoever the reason, etc. However, the blog itself is highly self-opinionated, so, y’all just have to deal with it. Tee hee 🙂 Oh, and only constructive comments (y)



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